American Cinema Editors Announces New Board for 2022

American Cinema Editors Announces New Board for 2022


The American Cinema Editors (ACE) has announced its new board. Current President Kevin Tent will serve another two-year term.

Lillian Benson will continue to serve alongside him, as will Vice President Sabrina Plisco and Treasurer Andrew Seklir. Former associate board members Dana Glauberman and Nancy Richardson have been bumped to the board, replacing outgoing members Anita Brandt-Burgoyne and Michael Ornstein.

“On behalf of American Cinema Editors, we are proud to welcome our newly elected board members to the ACE leadership team,” said Tent.


Tent is best known for his collaboration with filmmaker Alexander Payne. They first worked together on the 1996 film ‘Citizen Ruth’. He was elected to the board in 2020 and was nominated for both an ACE Eddie and an Academy Award for editing Payne’s film ‘The Descendants’, starring in the starring George Clooney. He won the ACE Eddie Award for Best Edited Drama Film that year.

Tent says, “As ACE continues to grow globally and continue our mission to illuminate and celebrate the craft of film editing, we remain deeply grateful to everyone who serves the organization and makes it possible for us to continue our work.”

Kate Amend, Dorian Harris, Maysie Hoy, Bonnie Koehler, Tatiana S. Riegel, Stephen Rivkin, Terilyn A. Shropshire. Michael Ornstein, Mark Helfrich, Ben Bulatao and John Venzon will serve the organization as associate board members.

Full board is listed below.

ACE officers

Chairman: Kevin Tent, ACE

Vice President: Sabrina Plisco, ACE

Secretary: Lillian Benson, ACE

Treasurer: Andrew Seklir, ACE

ACE Board of Directors

Kate Amend, ACE

Richard Chew, ACE

Dana Glauberman, ACE

Dorian Harris, ACE

Maysie Hoy, ACE

Bonnie Koehler, ACE

Nancy Richardson, ACE

Tatiana S. Riegel, ACE

Stephen Rivkin, ACE

Terilyn A. Shropshire, ACE

Associate Board Members

Ben Bulatao, ACE

Mark Helfrich, ACE

Michael Ornstein, ACE

John Venzon, ACE


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