Backstage Commentary on WWE and The Velveteen Dream

Backstage Commentary on WWE and The Velveteen Dream


WWE reportedly has no interest in bringing back The Velveteen Dream, and new details are being revealed on the heat he had while there.

As we noted, Dream was arrested twice in August on multiple charges, then it was revealed that he had been arrested in November 2021 for possession of cocaine and destroying evidence, an arrest that had just been made public.

Dream was just released from prison on Tuesday this week, but he has court dates ahead of him and could face a jail term. While he recently campaigned for a WWE return, a new report from Fightful Select notes that WWE officials refused to bring Dream back, which was before the recent arrests and before the arrest was made public in 2021.


A WWE source said Dream would be a “public relations nightmare” that the new regime is not interested in.

Dream recently had a war of words and accusations with EC3, which you can read about at this link. Dream admitting to cocaine use is interesting as this was the reason he got suspended from his WWE NXT run.

It was noted that by the time Dream stopped appearing on NXT TV, he was quite warm in the NXT locker room. In addition, he had become what one WWE coach described as a “headache,” and was reportedly talked to several times about unusual behavior in general at the Performance Center.

Around that time, in August 2020, WWE Chief Content Officer Triple H noted in an interview that Dream was not with WWE TV because of a car accident, and not because of an internal investigation into allegations of misconduct. This new report from Fightful says it has been confirmed that as soon as an hour before the news of Dream’s car accident in June 2020 made the rounds, it was discussed as one of the company’s many potential cutbacks. Dreamed returned to TV in August and was around until the December 23 NXT episode, where he took a loss to Adam Cole in his final appearance. WWE subsequently released him from his contract on May 20, 2021.

There’s no word on why WWE decided not to release Dream at the time, before its more than five months of inactivity. These aforementioned issues were not the first issues with Dream as he faced other legal issues and misconduct allegations.

A WWE source who works directly with senior people said it would take a “miracle” before a situation arises where WWE would hire Dream again. It was also confirmed that despite some of his social media teasers, there have been no plans or discussions to bring him back under the new regime.

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