Backstage Talk About WWE’s “White Rabbit” Teasers And The Possible Return Of Bray Wyatt

Backstage Talk About WWE’s “White Rabbit” Teasers And The Possible Return Of Bray Wyatt


WWE officials are reportedly keeping tight-lipped about the recent “White Rabbit” teasers.

As noted, WWE played Jefferson Airplane’s song “White Rabbit” between commercials and matches during Friday’s SmackDown, the non-televised live events, and then again during last night’s RAW. The lights of the house go out, the song plays and then a red light comes over the arena. WWE took it a step further on last night’s RAW when a QR code was displayed behind Austin Theory during a backstage segment, and in the crowd during The Brawling Brutes’ victory over The Street Profits, which was shown around 9:23 am, simultaneously shown in the video. The QR code led to a page on the WWE website and featured a cryptic white bunny video featuring a game of Hangman, adding to speculation that these teasers could be related to Karrion Kross or, more likely, Bray Wyatt. You can click here for the original RAW report, but you can also watch the video below.

In an update, a new report from Fightful Select notes that no on-screen talent or staff speaking has been briefed on what exactly the White Rabbit credentials are for, but almost all speculation is that these are related to Wyatt’s WWE return.


It has been reported that WWE top executives believe Wyatt’s chances of returning are significantly higher under the new regime. It has also been confirmed that there has been contact between the two sides, and that numerous influential people have expressed an interest in bringing Wyatt back, and that it is believed that the return will take place.

There is still no confirmation that Wyatt will return, but multiple sources within WWE expect the return to come sooner than later, with some saying “it’s only a matter of time”.

There are some people involved in the WWE production, who are usually informed about such things, but they have yet to know what the White Rabbit teasers represent. The situation is played very close to the vest within the company.

With regard to various backstage teasers and references, including the use of crows and other deliberate efforts, there are those who are responsible for providing props and directing them, but they also have not included those items in their list of props that should be brought to the recordings, which goes out company-wide for those who need to be in the know.

There is a feeling within WWE that the new regime must live up to the scourge. The hourglass in last night’s teaser sparked more speculation about Kross’ involvement, but a source noted that they don’t think the new regime would be reintroducing Kross, especially for someone who’s been back for nearly two months now. One top talent noted that paying off a plague like this is something “integral in setting the tone for future shows.”

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