Freddie Prince Jr. explains why he thinks Liv Morgan is turning around

Freddie Prince Jr.  explains why he thinks Liv Morgan is turning around


Freddie Prince Jr. recently shared his thoughts on why he thinks Liv Morgan is going to be a villain and what Ronda Rousey needs to do to improve her WWE promos.

On the most recent edition of wrestling with freddy, Prinze praised Morgan’s performance and said he believes she’s taking a chop so she can beat Rousey at Extreme Rules. Here are the highlights:

The backstage segment between the two:


“I thought [Morgan] was very good. She kept it simple, she didn’t try to sell anything too much. She tried not to seem desperate. She lied out there: “I’m the only person who hit you twice.” That’s true, but the way she won was still a lie, but now she’s adopting this heel stance. Based on where she was last week when she saw Ronda struggle, she was upstairs like a private suite looking down, which was kind of wholesome.

“So I think they’re following the route. Now they wanted her to be baby face but I think they should go the way of heel now. And I thought she did a damn good job, challenging Ronda to an Extreme Rules match, which is probably the only way she can legitimately beat her for cheating, because there are no rules. And then that might give us a heel champion for a babyface to chase.

Rousey’s performance in the segment:

“You’ll notice I didn’t mention what she was doing… they gave her as little dialogue as possible. I think she had three lines. But even the three lines were just…rough, man. It’s rough. She even had an easy one, like, “Do you want to challenge ME to an Extreme Rules match?” It should have been, she almost had to laugh on the line. And instead, she waits to breathe until the line is over.

“It’s just a little acting” [things]. If they just gave her a little coach who said, “Hey, don’t forget to breathe. Hey, you know how you used to laugh when you talked to me because you thought I was full when I said I practice jiu-jitsu and I’m pretty good,’ and you were like, [chuckles] “Yeah, I bet you do.” Do that if she challenges you.’ And it’s those kinds of notes that can help people. You just have to give them the Cliff Notes.”

Quotes via 411 Mania


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