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Strategic Trader is a monthly investment newsletter published by Louis Navellier and the team at InvestorPlace.
As part of a recent promotion, Louis Navellier is showing subscribers live, on camera, how to instantly earn $300 in 2 minutes or less every weekday for the rest of their life.
By subscribing to Strategic Trader today, you get several bonus reports explaining how to get rich quickly, make smart investments, and trade strategically.
Keep reading to discover how Strategic Trader works and whether it lives up to the hype today in our review.

What is Strategic Trader?

Strategic Trader is a subscription-based membership program featuring monthly newsletters, investment guides, and financial analysis from Louis Navellier and his team of analysts.
Led by John Jagerson and Wade Hansen, Strategic Trader uses options trades to generate quick income.
Louis Navellier, also involved with Strategic Trader, is a self-proclaimed 1%er. He lives in a wealthy neighborhood in Florida, and his neighbors include billionaire tech moguls, real estate developers, and other wealthy individuals.
Strategic Trader is published by InvestorPlace, a Baltimore-based financial publishing company. That company offers a range of financial newsletters and investment guides online today.


Louis Navellier Shows, On Camera, How Anyone Can Instantly Earn $300

As part of a new viral marketing campaign, Louis Navellier walked the streets of Baltimore around his office to prove how anyone can instantly earn $300.
Louis stood outside with a booth and a sign encouraging people to learn how the 1% make money. He waited for members of the public to approach, then showed them how to instantly make $200 to $400 from their phones within minutes.
Some of the success stories from Louis Navellier’s social experiment included:
Anne, a retired high school teacher, approached Louis to learn how 1%ers earn income. After a few taps on the phone screen, Louis helped her walk away with $390 in just two minutes.

As a financial services employee, Mike has had a tough year but was willing to accept Louis’s offer. Louis gave Mike a few simple instructions. After following those instructions on his phone, Mike walked away with $350.
Cassie is a hairdresser who lives her job but, like many employees, could use the extra income. Louis walked Cassie through a few simple steps on her phone, generating $520 in revenue.
Louis Navellier isn’t a magician. He’s simply explaining to ordinary Americans how the wealthiest people in the country make money.
In fact, Louis claims legendary investor Warren Buffett once used this income strategy “to generate an instant $7.5 million in 5 minutes.”
Meanwhile, Louis claims corporate insiders and 1%ers like himself have been using this strategy “for decades.”
Louis claims the strategy is profitable, can generate hundreds of dollars of profit in minutes, and does not require taking enormous risks. This strategy could be lower risk than other investment options – like bonds, mutual funds, gold mining companies, and real estate.


How Does Louis Navellier’s Get Rich Quick Strategy Work?

Suppose Louis Navellier’s social experiment is to be believed. In that case, any ordinary American off the streets can instantly generate hundreds of dollars from their phone with a few simple steps and minimal risk.
So how does this get-rich-quick strategy work? Is Louis Navellier trying to scam you?
Here’s how Louis introduces his moneymaking system:
“You can use a powerhouse company like Walmart to instantly pull $350 or more directly out of the markets. And you can do this without having to buy shares upfront.”

Louis claims you could earn even more with other companies, including:

  • $380 with United Parcel Service
  • $630 with Constellation Brands
  • $650 with Microsoft

You don’t need to buy shares of these companies upfront. And the strategy does not rely on dividend payouts.


When most investors like a company, they buy shares of that company and wait for shares to go up – or wait for dividend payments to accrue over time. However, Louis is recommending a different approach:
Choice #1: Conventional Investing: You like a company such as Apple, and you buy shares in the company. You hope shares go up in the next few years. Or, you hope to earn enough money through dividend payments to see a sizable return on your investment.
Choice #2: Use Louis’ Moneymaking Strategy: Instead of waiting years to make gains with Apple, you can “earn $3,325 in 5 minutes” by taking advantage of Louis’ moneymaking system. In the 5 minutes it takes to open your computer and make a trade; you could have received $3,325 instantly deposited into your account. If you had chosen Choice #1, it would have taken 40 years to earn the same amount of income through Apple’s dividends. That $3,325 is instantly deposited into your account.
Other perks of Louis’ moneymaking system include:

  • You can “easily grab an extra $30,000 this year in instant income” and “probably more,” according to Louis
  • Once you see the money start to pile up in your brokerage account, “you may never want to invest the traditional way ever again.”
  • Louis claims you could amass a 95.94% win rate in 2022 by taking advantage of his moneymaking strategy
  • in terms of risk; Louis claims implementing his moneymaking strategy properly “does not require taking massive risks” and “can actually be a lower-risk move” than real estate investing, bonds, mutual funds, and other assets

How Louis Navellier Uses a “Little Known Niche Within the Options Market” to Get Rich Quick

As you may have guessed, Louis Navellier is a big fan of options trading. However, Louis has identified a specific, little-known niche within the options market that could help you get rich quickly.
Buying options can be risky. You’re gambling on the direction of stocks, bonds, and other assets.
Buying Options: Buying options is risky, and it’s popular among investors with high-risk tolerance looking for a big payday. You can find many stories of people quickly getting rich online with a single options trade. In reality, many speculative investors lose lots of money quickly with options trading. That’s why Louis recommends selling options instead of buying them:
Selling Options: Because of the risk of buying options, Louis recommends selling options instead. When you sell options, “the odds of winning become highly skewed in your favor,” according to Louis. You become the house, which means you make money every time options buyers strikeout.

Louis admits the word “options” has the stigma of being a high-risk, speculative area of investing. However, by selling options instead of buying them, you can give yourself a better chance of making solid and lower-risk returns on the investment.

How to Sell Options to Earn Income

Louis Navellier’s income-earning strategy involves selling options instead of buying them.
Here are the basics of Louis Navellier’s strategy:

  • Buying options can be very risky, but selling options can be less risky
  • The people who sell options, the “house,” include large Wall Street banks, investment firms, and wealthy 1%ers like Louis Navellier and Warren Buffett.
  • When you sell options, the odds of winning become highly skewed in your favor; like a casino, you want to be the house.
  • Every time options buyers strike out, you’re the one who gets to keep your money.
  • Because of these perks, selling options “is about the closest you can get to never losing money,” according to Louis Navellier.
  • You earn instant income from options selling from speculators who try to beat the odds; every time speculators try to beat the odds and fail, you earn instant income.
  • When you execute this strategy correctly, you can use it as a lower-risk tool in your investing toolbelt.

Strategic Trader Has a 90%+ Success Rate for 2022

Buying options is risky. But selling options can be less risky, particularly when dealing with blue chip companies. Louis Navellier claims to have a success rate of over 90% for 2022 with Strategic Trader.
Since the beginning of 2022, Strategic Trader has closed 74 trades. Of those 74 trades, 71 were winners. Three of the four remaining trades weren’t technically losers; they just broke even.
According to Louis, all the winning trades “produced instant cash” – many in just a few minutes or less without buying a single share upfront.
Here are some of the trades Strategic Trader recommended during its best month, January 2022, and how much instant cash you could have made:

  • $379 profit on Take-Two Interactive Software Inc.
  • $305 on Nike Inc.
  • $436 on Constellation Brands Inc.
  • $590 on Microsoft Corp.
  • $359 on United Parcel Service Inc.
  • $186 on Target Corp.

Overall, investors could have earned an extra $3,265 in just one month while following Investor Place’s recommended options trades. Other months had profits of $1,661 to $2,672, among other impressive margins.

What’s the Catch?

There is a catch with Louis Navellier’s options-selling get-rich-quick strategy. However, he’s upfront with this catch and how it works:
“The one caveat to this strategy is that if the trade goes south, you’ll be on the hook to purchase 100 shares of the underlying stock per contract you purchased.”
That may seem like a bad thing. However, it’s only a bad thing if you’re buying bad stocks. That’s why Louis recommends using this strategy with blue chip stocks – stocks you would want to own anyway.

Let’s say you’re selling options for Apple stock. If you choose the right side of that trade, then you’ve made hundreds of dollars in minutes. If you choose the wrong side, then you’ve just purchased a bunch of Apple stock.
As markets become more turbulent, this strategy becomes more effective. As markets go up and down, it creates an excellent opportunity to leverage small swings and buy stocks you were already planning to buy.

How to Learn More About Louis Navellier’s Options Trading Strategy

By subscribing to Strategic Trader today, anyone can learn more about Louis Navellier’s options trading strategy.
All new and existing Strategic Trader subscriptions come with a free bonus report called The Quick-Start Guide to Making $100s a week with Income Trading. In that guide, you can discover everything you need to know about options selling, how to make money from it, and how to implement the strategy today using an ordinary brokerage account.
You receive instant access to the guide immediately after subscribing to Strategic Trader online today.

What’s Included with Strategic Trader?

When you subscribe to Strategic Trader today, you get a bundle of bonus reports explaining everything you need to know about options trading, instant income generation, and how to get started. You also receive additional bonus investment guides and analysis.


1 to 3 Issues of Strategic Trader Per Week: Each week, John and Wade send 1 to 3 new issues of Strategic Trader to investors featuring new investment recommendations, updates on previously-held positions, market analysis, and more. You can discover multiple opportunities to earn instant income from options trading and other strategies. Here are all of the items included in Strategic Trader today:
24/7 Access to Members-Only Website: You can use the members-only website to access bonus guides, research reports, the model portfolio, weekly updates, webinar replays, alerts, and more.
Options Master Class: All new subscriptions to Strategic Trader come with the Options Master class, a series of videos explaining how options trading works and how to get started. Led by John Jagerson and Wade Hansen, the series features five lessons to help you get started, including:
Options Master Class Lesson #1: Your Blueprint for Options Success: This lesson explains how to begin executing the options selling strategy above yourself. It’s ideal for beginners and intermediates who want to know more about the basics of options trading.

Options Master Class Lesson #2: The Simple Instant Income Options Secret: This class dives deeper into Louis Navellier’s instant income secret shared in his viral presentation. You can discover how to implement that strategy to get upfront cash payouts from the stock market. The class introduces several real-life trade examples to see the process in action.
Options Master Class Lesson #3: A Second Simple Options Strategy for Instant Cash Payouts: There are multiple ways to earn instant cash through options trading. In this master class, you can discover how to generate hundreds or even thousands in instant income on stocks you may already own.
Options Master Class Lesson #4: How to Make Potential Triple-Digit Gains with Options: This master class introduces you to a powerful but misunderstood area of options trading, including how to stack the odds in your favor to give yourself the best possible chance of earning triple-digit returns on investment.
Options Master Class Lesson #5: Next Steps to Successful Options Trading: In the final master class lesson, you can discover critical psychological insights to help you become a smarter and more successful trader, including ideas that 99% of traders never think about. You can learn how to defeat the “3 deadly traps” faced by beginner options traders, for example, and how the “disposition effect” can distort your decision-making, among other topics.
After completing the master class, you can purportedly begin “collecting instant payouts like $1,025 from Activision…$525 from Boston Scientific…and $2,745 from CME Group…” among other impressive returns, according to InvestorPlace.
Free Special Bonus Report: The Quick-Start Guide to Making $100s a Week with Income Trading: This guide dives further into Louis Navellier’s trading strategy mentioned above, including how anyone can use this strategy to generate hundreds of dollars in extra income instantly – all while selling options instead of buying them and taking advantage of blue chip companies. You can read the report and start implementing the strategy in 15 minutes – and you can do it through any simple brokerage account.
The Wednesday Strategic Trader Weekly Webinar: Each Wednesday, Strategic Trader publishes a webinar featuring what their options gurus are seeing in the markets each week, along with new trade setups, answers to subscriber questions, and more.
Access to Complete Library of Strategic Trader Guides and Resources: When you subscribe to Strategic Trader today, you get complete access to a library of bonus reports and other special reports the team has published over the years. You can instantly download or access those reports online. You also get access to any future reports the team publishes.

Strategic Trader Pricing

Strategic Trader is priced at $99 per month. However, as part of a special promotion, you can try a 30-day subscription to Strategic Trader for just $20 today.
Here’s how pricing works when subscribing today:

  • Strategic Trader Monthly Subscription: $20 for your first month, then $99 per month after that

You are free to cancel your subscription at any time. If you do not cancel, InvestorPlace will continue charging the payment method on file.

Strategic Trader Refund Policy

All Strategic Trader subscription fees are non-refundable. You cannot request a refund on your purchase if you’re unhappy. However, you can cancel at any point to avoid future charges to your account.

About InvestorPlace

InvestorPlace is a financial publishing company found online at The Baltimore-based company offers several paid subscription services.
In addition to Strategic Trader, other popular InvestorPlace services include Louis Navellier’s Growth Investor, Crypto Investor Network, and InvestorPlace Select, among others.
You can contact InvestorPlace and the Strategic Trader customer service team via the following:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone (Domestic): (800) 219-8592
  • Phone (International): 1-717-207-9729
  • Mailing Address: 1125 N. Charles St, Baltimore, MD 21201

InvestorPlace was founded in 1973 by business visionary Tom Phillips. Today, the company employs popular analysts like Louis Navellier, Eric Fry, Luke Lango, John Jagerson, Wade Hansen, and Charlie Shrem.

Final Word

Strategic Trader is an options trading newsletter by John Jagerson and Wade Hansen.
Featuring 1 to 3 issues per week, Strategic Trader teaches you how to make the best options trades to earn instant income. Instead of buying options, Strategic Trader’s team recommends selling them to earn cash payouts of $300 to $600 instantly.
To discover the unique Strategic Trader trading strategy and how it works or to subscribe today, visit the official website.


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