MJF Talks Backstage Incident At AEW All Out, If CM Punk Is Needed In AEW, Backstage Atmosphere, More

MJF Talks Backstage Incident At AEW All Out, If CM Punk Is Needed In AEW, Backstage Atmosphere, More


MJF says the recent backstage fight at AEW All Out didn’t ease the fuss surrounding his surprise return at the same pay-per-view earlier in the evening.

MJF recently spoke to Ariel Helwani on The MMA Hour and was asked about the fight between top AEW stars at All Out.

“I cannot comment on the press conference,” he said. “All I can say is this, I don’t deal in rumors and allusions.”


MJF was then asked why he was unable to comment on the media scrum after All Out’s show. He said he just doesn’t want to.

“A lot has been said. It doesn’t apply to me, I don’t care and again I’ll tell you why, and I’m going to use numbers because numbers don’t lie,” he said. “Numbers are facts and facts don’t care about your feelings. When MJF goes out, I pop a huge number. We just made it in the ratings for the second week in a row. Again, when people leave, come, go, stay, people are going to step on the board. We have huge stars in our company, so I don’t worry about it. I’m not going to comment on what has been said because it doesn’t apply to me, but what I will say is, our company, again, numbers don’t lie, our company is great now.”

Helwani then asked if MJF thinks the backstage incident took away from his surprise return to All Out. MJF said he doesn’t believe he does.

“Have you heard the reaction to the following Dynamite? Did it sound like it took something away from MJF?” he asked. “When I look at the locker room and look at the guys and see how they react to certain situations, there is a team atmosphere. Everyone wants these three letters to be successful. The only three letters I care about are MJF, but everyone in AEW cares about AEW letters and I think you can feel it when you watch our show. I think you can feel it, you can feel that when people go out they give it 110% because they don’t just want to raise themselves, but raise this brand new baby, because we’re a baby, it’s a three-year business. They want to raise this baby like in the fucking Lion King on top of the rock. I read things online, I chuckle. It’s ridiculous. Everyone wants this place to be a success. MJF wants MJF to be successful, but the locker room wants AEW to be successful. It’s a team atmosphere.”

MJF again declined to comment when asked if he thinks AEW needs CM Punk. He added that his feud with Punk was one of the biggest ever.

“What I’m saying is that me and CM Punk had the biggest feud in the history of the company and I really think it will go down in history as one of the biggest feuds of all time,” he said.

MJF still has a shot at the AEW world title because he is The Joker at All Out. The vacant AEW world title will be decided next Wednesday at the Grand Slam edition of Dynamite, while Jon Moxley takes on Chris Jericho in the tournament final.

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