New movies and series on Netflix: September 23, 2022

New movies and series on Netflix: September 23, 2022


LOU is streaming now – Photo: Netflix

Welcome to your weekend rundown of everything new to Netflix for September 24 (and September 23), where 19 new additions have made it to the service. We’ll run through our top picks, the list of new releases, and what’s trending in Netflix’s US top 10.

Not many new additions are planned for the weekend, but we’ll get plenty of news tomorrow night via Netflix’s Tudum live event. The new additions we’re getting this weekend include the fifth and final season of Dynasty, Flower of Eviland the final Fullmetal Alchemist movie.


In terms of moving, it’s your last weekend to watch the Syfy series dark matter before it leaves on September 26. Jason Statham’s Chaos leaves Netflix on Sunday.

Best new movies and shows on Netflix for September 24, 2022

Lou (2022)

Genre: Action, Crime, Drama
Director: Anna Foerster
Form: Jurnee Smollett, Logan Marshall-Green, Allison Janney
Author: Maggie Cohn, Jack Stanley
Duration: 107 minutes

This new action movie from Bad Robot and producer JJ Abrams has gotten some mixed reviews so far, but there are plenty of reasons to check it out this weekend.

Here’s what you can expect from the new movie:

“A mysterious loner who lives a quiet life with her dog, battles the elements and her own dark past when a girl next door is kidnapped during a storm.”

Human ability (2019)

Genre: Drama
Director: Marc Meyers
Form: Liev Schreiber, Marisa Tomei, Peter Sarsgaard
Author: Stephen Amidon, Oren Moverman
Duration: 98 minutes

Stranger Things star Maya Hawke is among the cast for this recently released independent film released by Vertical Entertainment and DirecTV Cinema.

First premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival, the film centers on what happens when two families clash after their children begin a relationship that leads to a tragic accident.

At the time of release, Movie Threat praised the performances and director, while the Los Angeles Times finally decided that several storylines were gripping but watered down.

Thai Cave Rescue (Limited Series)

Genre: Adventure, Drama, Thriller
Form: Thaneth Warakulnukroh, Papangkorn Lerkchaleampote, Pratya Patong
Duration: 60 minutes

While Amazon recently covered this gripping real-world story, it couldn’t do it the way Netflix’s arguably more authentic version could.

How does Netflix describe the new six-episode miniseries:

“Inspired by the incredible true story of the Thai youth soccer team who got trapped in one of the most dangerous cave systems on Earth, and the extraordinary efforts of their families, the people of Thailand and volunteers from around the world, as they fight against both nature as the time to save them.

From directors Baz Poonpiriya & Kevin Tancharoen, and writers Dana Ledoux Miller & Michael Russell Gunn and the team that brought you Crazy Rich Asians.”

Full list of new releases on Netflix for September 23-24

14 new movies added

  • A Jazzman’s Blues (2022) Netflix Original – R – Dutch – Tyler Perry’s tale of forbidden love and family drama unravels 40 years of secrets and lies against a soundtrack of deep south juke-joint blues.
  • ATHENS (2022) Netflix Original – R – French – The tragic murder of a young boy sparks all-out war in the community of Athena, with the victim’s older brothers at the heart of the conflict.
  • Encrypted Letter (2008) – TV-14 – Arabic – A young man and his friends set out for the adventure of a lifetime after inheriting a clue to find ancient treasures from his grandfather.
  • Excuse My French (2014) – TV-PG – Arabic – Assuming he is Muslim, like many of his new public school peers, a boy goes along with the misunderstanding, hoping to blend in with the crowd.
  • Female Cousins ​​(2012) – TV-MA – Arabic – Three young female cousins ​​living with their grandmother pay a heavy price for trying to sell the family palace when a curse turns them into men.
  • Human Capital (2019) – TV-14 – English – The romance of two teenagers, one rich and one middle-class, causes tragedy when a risky financial investment and a hit-and-run crash devastates their families.
  • Lou (2022) Netflix Original – R – English
  • Pokémon: The Arceus Chronicles (2022) Netflix Original – TV-Y7 – Japanese – While investigating the legend of the mythical Pokémon Arceus, Ash, Goh and Dawn discover a conspiracy by Team Galactic that threatens the world.
  • Taymour and Shafika (2007) – TV-14 – Arabic – Neighbors and childhood sweethearts Taymour and Shafika’s love is tested when she is appointed as a minister and he becomes her bodyguard.
  • The Agreement (2012) – TV-14 – Arabic – Determined to avenge his brother’s death, a police officer carries out a vendetta against a dangerous drug lord.
  • The Dreamlife of Georgie Stone (2022) Netflix Original – PG – English – Georgie Stone shares her journey from childhood to teenage activist, looking back on her life and historic struggle for transgender rights in this documentary.
  • The Ghost (2007) – TV-14 – Arabic – A young man searches for the truth behind a murder and clears his name after he wakes up next to a corpse and cannot remember anything.
  • Transit Prisoner (2008) – TV-14 – Arabic – To escape a life behind bars, Ali strikes a deal with a government general, unaware that one mission won’t be enough to keep him off the hook.
  • Two Degrees of Murder (2017) – TV-MA – African – A well-known Cape Town psychologist is forced to rethink her intellectual and emotionless view of love as her life collapses around her.

5 new TV series added

  • Jamtara – Sabka Number Ayega (Season 2) Netflix Original – TV-MA – Hindi – A group of young men from a small town run a lucrative phishing operation, until a corrupt politician wants to join their scheme – and a cop wants to fight it.
  • Karma’s World (Season 4) Netflix Original – TV-PG – English – Lyrically gifted high school student Karma juggles rap dreams and rhyme schemes as she uses her talent, ambition and heart to solve any problem.
  • Snabba Cash (Season 2) Netflix Original – TV-MA – Swedish – The lives of an ambitious businesswoman, a charming gang enforcer and a troubled teenager collide amid a desperate – and sinister – pursuit of wealth.
  • Thai Cave Rescue (Limited Series) Netflix Original – TV-14 – Thai – A Thai youth soccer team and their assistant coach are trapped in Tham Luang Cave, leading to a global rescue operation. Inspired by true events.
  • The Girls at the Back (Season 1) Netflix Original – TV-MA – Spanish – In this touching comedy, five friends plan a series of chaotic bucket list challenges for their annual vacation after one of them discovers she has cancer.

Netflix Top 10 for September 24, 2022

# TV shows Movies Children
1 Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story Father Stu Minions & more part 1
2 El Rey, Vicente Fernandez take revenge Despicable Me 2
3 Cobra Kai Minions & more part 1 CoComelon
4 Destiny: The Winx Saga The Deadly Instruments: City of Bones Sing 2
5 In the dark Despicable Me 2 Danger Power
6 Bling Ring: Hollywood Heist This is the end Despicable Me
7 The crown Sing 2 go dog, go
8 Sins of our mother I used to be famous Junior Baking Show
9 Love is blind Despicable Me Henry Danger
10 Devil in Ohio morbius House


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