San Sebastian’s Zinemaldia Start Up Challenge: Winners 2022

San Sebastian’s Zinemaldia Start Up Challenge: Winners 2022


Launched in 2018 as part of a San Sebastián Festival initiative to become a hub for accelerating new tech movie TV initiatives, the expanded edition of this year’s Zinemaldia & Technology event, the Zinemaldia Start Up Challenge , won three awards on Thursday for the best Spanish, best entrepreneurial and best European projects after a morning of pitching.

The best Spanish project went to the innovative music app by Bruno de Zabala and Janire Vázquez. The Entrepreneurial Project award was won by Mine S. from Riccardo Belingheri and Massimiliano Moioli from Italy. Both projects will receive $10,000 ($10,000).

The Spanish brother and sister team, Teresa Benítez Martínez and Francisco Benítez Martínez, took home €3,000 for the best European project for kino_greentoken.


“We realized that there was nothing showing the carbon footprint on set and developed this project to solve the problem,” said Francisco Benitez Martinez. Variety. “We are very happy with this award.”

“We are delighted to have won the Zinemaldia Startup Challenge. We have a great team building the platform where the original artists teach you how to play their songs, not only using music, but also audiovisual content,” said De Zabala. “We just tried to make the best pitch possible and connect well with the audience here. It was such a great experience.”

This year 55 projects were submitted. The 10 finalists who pitched Thursday worked on a variety of technical elements on their projects, including AI, blockchain, streaming and VFX/SFX.

The 2022 event featured a specific competition for Spanish startups and entrepreneurs launched as part of the Spanish Screenings initiative here at the festival.

The five Spanish projects presented today also took part in: Izi Record, a technology for creating AI-based content; Quantic Brains Technologies, which focuses on the integral generation of audiovisual content, also using AI;

The Video Network, a management platform that simplifies the production process. kino_greentoken focuses on the digital transformation of emissions and waste management by the audiovisual industry with blockchain technology.

In the international competition, Mine S has developed a modular system to simplify and save several steps in the creation process.

Zinemaldia Startup Challenge 2022

Credit: Liza Foreman

UK’s PentoPix pitched an AI-assisted text-to-3D creative suite to generate storyboards and pre-produce content. A second U:K:project, Smash, uses blockchain technology to connect creators with platform and TV content managers; Violette, from Denmark, has developed a firearms replica to improve on-set firearms security, a topic that has been in the news after a fatal accident on the set of “Rest” with Alec Baldwin.

A proposal from Britain’s Watchers focuses on adding a social interaction component to streaming platforms. All participants will have one year access to an incubation room at a Business Innovation Center (BIC) in the Basque Technology Parks Network. Meanwhile, the winners of the first three competitions have all continued to develop their business strategies, the festival said. Largo AI (2019) has found customers in more than 20 countries; Filmchain (2020) has launched in multiple areas; while Kinetix, (2021) is in beta version.

The Zinemaldia initiative is supported by the Ministry of Economic Development, Sustainability and Environment of the Basque Government.

The Spanish Screenings XXL is an international marketplace for Spanish audiovisual production and is part of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan (PRTR) developed to strengthen Spain’s role as a European audiovisual hub.

Daniel Karpantschoff of Violette said: “We were a prominent startup in Berlin in the European film market, just before Corona, in a similar setting. These events, especially after ‘Rest’, help us establish that the film industry is being filmed correctly, not only on the market, but also by industry leaders, directors, cast, producers and festivals.No one should go to work, tell stories of fear, while fearing for their safety.Being invited here is a huge statement for us where the industry agrees.”


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