Two new WWE White Rabbit promos, possible Bray Wyatt FCW link, SmackDown commercial teaser, more

Two new WWE White Rabbit promos, possible Bray Wyatt FCW link, SmackDown commercial teaser, more


The White Rabbit teasers continued tonight during WWE SmackDown on FOX, on the show and live in the arena during a commercial break. WWE also released two new cryptic videos today.

As seen below, two QR codes were placed on the wall of the space used for Hit Row’s backstage party, which was held over several segments. The QR codes were labeled “Come With Me” and linked to The URL featured a flash game in which fans navigated the white rabbit through a maze of fire and brought him to a door. The rabbit entered the door and the word “Patricide” appeared on the screen with a series of coordinates.

Parricide is the act of killing your father. The coordinates listed were 53° 32′ 49.5″ N, 113° 29′ 51.3″ W, which will take you to Roger’s Place in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, where next Monday’s RAW will take place.


However, tonight’s QR code video from SmackDown wasn’t the first White Rabbit teaser released by WWE today. Earlier on Friday, a mysterious Reddit user named -smash-to-black- revealed a link to The URL is no longer active, but previously featured the same flash game mentioned above, with the fire maze. The source code can be found online here. The game featured the same coordinates at the end, but the word “Coal” appeared at the top instead of “Patricide”. The word “Patricide” appeared, but only if you played the game a second time. The letters “COAL” were also in the blocks of the maze. The word “Coal” didn’t appear in the video associated with the QR codes on tonight’s SmackDown, but the rest of the video was the same.

A related note: Jefferson Airplane’s song “White Rabbit” was replayed tonight during a SmackDown commercial break from the Vivant Arena in Salt Lake City, UT. The same red light was also displayed at the end of the song. You can see footage of the dark segment below, along with tonight’s other related teaser posts.

There’s no word yet on what “Coal” or “Patricide” refers to, but there are a few fan theories circulating. FOX Sports’ Ryan Satin pointed out how Bray Wyatt delivered an FCW promo years ago where he said “Come With Me” and sang about time. The promo, seen below, was also about killing his father, which is patricide. Furthermore, Satin noted how the drums in the background of today’s videos sound similar to The Fiend’s theme song, also seen below. One theory about “Coal” is that Wyatt has a history with fire, and coal is something you use on a fire.

There had been some rumors about the White Rabbit reveal taking place tonight on SmackDown, as Monday’s original teaser of RAW featured a blue and white image flashing between “9:23” and “9.23”, sparking speculation about something. that would happen at 9am: 11pm on the September 23 SmackDown. While there wasn’t a big reveal on tonight’s SmackDown, it looks like WWE was playing with fans tonight as the segment featuring Karrion Kross and Drew McIntyre aired tonight at 9:23 p.m. ET. Kross has been speculated about the White Rabbit reveal, due to his White Rabbit gimmick of Lucha Underground and the hourglass used in Monday’s video, but it’s more likely that these teasers are for Wyatt, not Kross.

For those who missed it, you can click here for details on WWE’s new “special event” White Rabbit merchandise. You can also click here for new details on Wyatt’s hiring a boxing coach, plus images of Wyatt in boxing ring training. You can click here and here for interesting new teaser connections with Wyatt, including one related to WWE Extreme Rules. It has been confirmed that WWE has at least had talks about bringing Wyatt back, and people within the company expect the return to happen soon. You can click here for a report of backstage talk about Wyatt and WWE.

Below are both of today’s White Rabbit videos, along with footage of the song being played on SmackDown, plus the aforementioned Wyatt FCW promo and comparison to The Fiend’s theme. Below you can also see the videos from last Monday.

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