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Making an extra income has always been interesting to me so when I was invited to try out popular money making apps for Express.co.uk, I jumped at the chance. However, even I couldn’t quite believe it when one of them I tried shows you how you can earn up to £10,000 for ten minutes work.
Working in personal finance for the last five years – both for Express.co.uk and Broke in Bristol (& beyond) – means I have a natural interest in the latest ways to make money.
I’ve done all sorts of things to make extra cash over the years from selling stuff on eBay to hiring out my campervan and taking in foreign language students.
But is there an easier way to make money from a side hustle and could people make money from just their smartphone?
The answer to that is yes – it’s even possible to make up to £10,000 for ten minutes work.
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I’ve signed up to market research projects a couple of times and I’ve always been well paid for my time.
It’s true when they say you can earn £50 an hour just for sharing your thoughts – the only downside is that the work is few and far between – so while you may get an hour or two’s work one week – there’s no guarantee you’ll get it the next.
Another option is to download a few apps and make money while watching TV or doing online shopping.
SwagBucks and Survey Junkie are two options for people interested in going down this route.
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While the money you can earn isn’t a fortune, it soon adds up – and if you enjoy shopping or playing games anyway – it may not feel like a chore.
People can earn money by completing surveys, watching videos, using a search engine, playing games and shopping.
Survey Junkie is an online survey site that also allows people to earn a few pounds a day in their spare time.
For me though, as a busy working mum, I found these apps a little time consuming with not enough of a reward to make it worthwhile.
Recently, a photographer enthusiast friend of mine mentioned how she’s been using ClickASnap to make an extra income.
Apparently the app allows her to sell her photos around the world and is like Spotify, but for imagery.

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While my friend loves taking photos, I’m still hunting for something that will make me a decent income for much less work.
One of the best apps for making money is, in my opinion, YouSpotProperty as it gives you the chance to earn up to £10,000.
Yes, you read that right – but to earn that kind of dosh, you’ll need to hunt out derelict properties that could be sold onto developers.
Users who report a property that meets the criteria will get a £20 gift voucher but they’ll get one percent of the selling price further down the line if the deal goes ahead.

Although I haven’t earned any money yet as I’ve just signed up, others are raving about it and I can see why.
Nathan Sefton said: “I am extremely happy to say I have submitted multiple properties and received vouchers for the spot, I have now had confirmation of the first sale of a spot and am delighted.
“It’s something which takes a few spare minutes and is highly rewarded and I cannot recommend it enough.
“You spot property have helped me so much with the extra cash from this I find it very rewarding financially and socially knowing I am benefitting my local area by getting run down empty houses filled and back up to standard.
“I can happily say communication from the team at you spot property has always been great and have had emails back to double check properties submitted if the address info may be incorrect proving they are genuine in rewarding spots.”
Scouting for properties could be done on the dog walk or the way to the shops and it only takes ten minutes to snap a property and upload it on the app. I’ll certainly be keeping my eyes peeled for empty properties near me in the hope of receiving £10,000. I’ll keep you posted!
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