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WWE and AEW stars trade photos on social media

WWE and AEW stars trade photos on social media


WWE’s Sheamus and Happy Baron Corbin had a Twitter exchange today, which led to AEW’s MJF jumping in. The back and forth ended with MJF and Corbin working together to take pictures on Sheamus.

The exchange started when Sheamus posted a tweet that marked a knock on the annual PWI 500 list, released earlier this week via this link.

Sheamus tweeted his “Pro Wrestling Banger Index 2022” and included none other than himself. Corbin responded with the “bold strategy” GIF from the Dodgeball movie.


Corbin captioned his tweet with, “If you tell people over and over, maybe they’ll believe it.”

Sheamus then tweeted an update to his “Pro Wrestling Banger Index 2022” list, placing Corbin at #126. He added: “(statistics don’t lie)”

Corbin responded, apparently thinking Sheamus’ tweets were a reference to Dave Meltzer’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

“Thanks for the info. I’m not a brand so I haven’t read the issue. See if you can get Dave to retweet you,” Corbin wrote back to Sheamus.

Sheamus replied, “Kayfabe bro, kayfabe… real heels wear scarves.”

Scarf wearer MJF seemed to take offense at Sheamus’ tweet to Corbin when he responded with, “Sad.”

Sheamus responded with the Connor McGregor GIF that says, “Who the hell is that guy???”

The devil himself then responded with warmth for The Celtic Warrior.

“The man you alluded to,” MJF wrote back to Sheamus. “Stop now or I’ll devour you. You can rock 6 inch lifts and play top man, but you got the ball several times and fell. I’m glad you’re having a resurgence and finally know how to get over it. It only took you a decade. Took me 1 day.”

Sheamus responded with the “eyes” emoji and a GIF of Chris Jericho wearing a scarf when he was in WWE in 2016, but MJF didn’t buy it, saying he hopes Corbin ends Sheamus.

“Yeah, you were definitely referring to a man who wore a scarf in 2016. Ya got me. Can’t wait for my boy @BaronCorbinWWE to end you,” wrote MJF.

Sheamus responded to that post with a scarf emoji and with a GIF of Elias saying, “OK, I can’t watch that…”

Corbin also responded to Sheamus’ “scarves” tweet, defending MJF.

“There you go again….. the internet please love me. Look, I’m alluding to so-called forbidden things. Side note: His scarf is great, and maybe I’ll just buy him a matching fedora,” Corbin wrote.

MJF responded to Corbin’s tweet with a GIF of people clapping from the Schitt’s Creek TV show.

Sheamus wrote back, ‘It’s okay Corbs, it’s okay. You are enough. Look in the mirror and say, ‘I’m enough…I AM DAMMIT ENOUGH!!’”

Corbin wrote back: “That would be a good one iiiiiffffff I was the one tweeting about how good my matches are every day! Just some friendly advice…..if you’re into good people telling you you shouldn’t have to tell them tell… Repeatedly!”

It seems that’s where the exchange ended, at least for now. You can check out the full tweets below:

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