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WWE Unveils Mysterious New Video of RAW QR Code, “White Rabbit” Teasers Continue on RAW

WWE Unveils Mysterious New Video of RAW QR Code, “White Rabbit” Teasers Continue on RAW


WWE’s “White Rabbit” teasers continued tonight on RAW and a cryptic new video was revealed.

We previously noted how WWE played Jefferson Airplane’s song “White Rabbit” during SmackDown on Friday and then again during the unaired live events on the weekend. The song is played ominously during a commercial break or between games with the house lights off, then a red light shines on the stage as the song ends.

In an update, the same song and exposure sequence played in RAW tonight during a commercial break at the SAP Center in San Jose, California. You can view fan footage of the moment below.


On a related post, at one point during tonight’s RAW, a QR code appeared behind Austin Theory’s head as he was shown in the locker room warming up to his loss to Kevin Owens. The code will take you to A message on that URL says “FEED YOUR HEAD” and then a video plays where a white rabbit enters a hole, and then the rabbit plays a game of Hangman.

The question is, “WHO KILLS THE WORLD?”

The answer then says “YOU DID”

At the bottom of the Hangman game, an hourglass is shown spinning, and then the message “COME WITH ME” appears as the rabbit jumps back into the den.

The screen then alternates between a white “9.23” and a blue “9:23” message on the screen. A white and blue rabbit is also interspersed with the numbers and the white rabbit has red eyes. This could be a reference to this week’s WWE SmackDown on Friday, September 23 at 9:23 PM.

We’ve noted how fan speculation has the “White Rabbit” teasers related to Bray Wyatt or Karrion Kross, who was known as The White Rabbit in Lucha Underground. The spinning hourglass in tonight’s video seems to be related to Kross, but the question in the Hangman game seems to be related to Wyatt. It’s unlikely that WWE would use a gimmick from another niche promotion like Lucha Underground to play out one of their own storylines, but anything is possible.

You can see how fans think the song is related to Wyatt as the arena lit up tonight with the “Fireflies”.

It’s not yet known what the new teasers are for, but we’ll keep you posted. It has been reported that WWE Chief Content Officer Triple H has more surprises planned for fans, and it is rumored that Wyatt could be heading to WWE in the near future.

Below are both videos from tonight:

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